Drew Brees sets single-season passing record, sews up again NFC South titleBy yahoo_breessaintsbr /br /The question was never whether quarterback Drew Brees would crash Dan Marino's single-season passing yardage record of five,084 yards set among 1984 the question was meantime he'd do it. After forever Brees came near among 2008,while he threw for 5,069 yards, and with teams passing more than ever ahead it made sense that Brees would be the first and possibly not the last to re-set the brand surrounded 2011.br /br /<br /> br /br /It was also adapted that the deciding throw was a fourth-quarter touchdown to running behind Darren Sproles, a free-agent pickup from the who has defined the Saints' high-powered offense as much as anyone since Brees and brain coach Sean Payton either came to New Orleans amid 2006. Brees had likewise been with the Chargers, and some thought that he would never be the same behind a shoulder injury among late 2005.br /br /Those people were right immediately he's so much better. Finishing with five,087 yards aboard the night with an game left in the season, Brees was impartial as joyful that the Saints sewed up the NFC South caption with a 45-16 thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons.br /br /[Related: ]br /br /"Honestly, I was really trying never to think almost the record alternatively anything I knew we were approach Brees said behind the game. ?"A pair guys mentioned it to me aboard the sideline,nba jerseys, and I didn't paucity to hear it. It's like a pitcher with a no-hitter, I guess I was equitable thinking almost throwing completions and scoring a touchdown. Sproles did a great job of getting inside aboard that handle he caught it, and I equitable got bum-rushed according the aggressive linemen. I figured along that point, we probably broke the record,alternatively else they wouldn't be hoisting me up like this.br /br /"I knew behind the touchdown to [Robert] Meacham that we were really near Then we had a couple of those drives that equitable stalled out, and I thought, 'You've gotta be kidding me.' Especially since through the plenary game, we were converting third downs and doing always the right things offensively. Yet, we couldn't put a pedal together amid the fourth 15 min I thought, 'We've got to obtain the ball behind work down and score and put it affix If it happens, it happens,but if it doesn't,along least we finish strong.' But we finished strong and got the record as well."br /br /[Related: ]br /br /Finally, Brees was asked what he will acquaint his little boys almost what Daddy did? "Well, they were by household sleeping tonight,barely they might have felt a reverberation that the Superdome created with all the noise amid here. I love our fans, and I admire that everyone can be a part of this. There are so much people who are a chapter of this. It's not almost me it's almost this troop and this metropolis It's almost these fans so much folk who contributed to this. I'm joyful as them."br /br /

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Established since November 1998, we have been scoring outstanding achievements in the residential and commercial air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) market, by providing engineered solutions to all your ACMV requirements, within your budget.

Our teams of well-trained technical staff enhance the image of major air-conditioner brand names by providing professional installation and value-added maintenance services, ensuring equipments perform to their designed specification.

Achieving the synergy in business development under the umbrella of NTUC Income Home Services Division, we are proud to be entrusted to serve the insurance policy holders, providing them with quality air-con repair and maintenance services at reasonable rates.

With the support of our valued customers, business partners and suppliers, we are constantly improving and growing. In return, we promise you friendly and mutually benefiting business relationship with Synergy.

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